Stephen Merritt

So you want to know a little bit about me, do you? I don't blame you. I'd be curious just who this guy is too.

Well, my name is Stephen Merritt, I was born in 1964, am married to a wonderful woman, Cynthia, and live in Nashville, Tennessee. I work as a sales representative for Ingram Book Company, one of the largest book wholesalers in the US.

I love cooking, am a coffee snob, and an avid reader of westerns, poetry, great fiction, history and especially religious books. I love music of all sorts but am partial to the great old hymns, southern gospel, opera, bluegrass, and old timey/folk music. My favorite movies are "Gettysburg," "The Apostle," "Saving Private Ryan," "A Bridge Too Far," and anything starring John Wayne.

Both my wife and myself love animals, and have been labeled animal hoarders because of our large collection of snakes. Nothing venomous mind you, just 20-30 snakes of various kinds. We also have 1 parakeet, Polly, and two geckos.

Well that's enough for starters. Too dig in deeper, please use these links:

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